arts_mobius ([personal profile] arts_mobius) wrote2017-04-04 04:23 pm

Joining Up with DreamWidth

An inital post to say hello, and also I'm going to find some of my links to friends I knew from back when I was using Live Journal, but those days were long ago. Much has apparently happened since then, but I'm now planning to gear up creatively here on DreamWidth.

I'm now retired, and I do have more time. A few of you may remember me as Celestial Abyss on Live Journal, but that appears to have been ages ago. Since LJ is now Russian owned and operated, I've decided I don't need to traverse back there. Nothing against Russia per se, but...

My new name reflects my goal for becoming more interested/involved in the graphic and physical arts, especially since now I am retired. I also plan to do some short fiction here at times. If you stumble across this and are curious, just converse a bit! Thanks!